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ECODE's professionals, advisors to large and small and medium-sized companies, with ample experience in the field of Solidarity and Cooperation for Development, guarantee quality, impact and profitability to your solidarity activities:

Economic profitability of your investment.

Technical quality as regards justification, coherence, feasibility, sustainability and efficiency.
Impact, both with respect to the communities benefiting from your social programmes and your company. Optimisation of internal and external communication.

The business world is ever more aware of the customers sensitivity towards ethical values and the volatility of their behaviour as consumers. These two factors make it possible for customers and brands to currently share certain values.

With reference to this, Aids to Development, Co-operation Projects and International Solidarity in general, are values that society takes as their own, achieving the transmission of a credible message with its corresponding repercussion in the media.

Thus, we conclude that social action generates value for the company on both an external (product and service promotion, image, customer fidelity, media) and internal level.

ECODE will give the necessary support to define your corporate social action strategy and will supply the knowledge and experience to manage the activities developed.

If you wish to enhance the social image of your company and to increase profits at the same time, please contact ECODE.